Mango Hill is a farm in Kahalu’u, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where I raised my two daughters. 

     I wrote the Mango Hill series of eight children’s books from 1988 - 1993, based on stories I told them about the animals that lived with us - and there were so many! People who read the books and needed to find a home for their pets would drop them off on Mango Hill. Sometimes animals would be lowered over the our gate, in carriers, with a note (which is how Joey the Mongoose came to live with us).

    The books sold over 130,000 hard copies in Hawaii. In 1988,  created a line of plush animals, clothing and toys with Liberty House (double-click to see full-size), adding t-shirts, calendars and other plush toys as new books came out.

    We worked on the animation in my kitchen on Mango Hill, using Mac LC computers. It was a brand new idea; in 1990, most people believed there would never be computer animation. 
    We did the drawings by hand, scanned them in, and colored and animated them, one frame at a time, on five Macs. Sometimes it took nearly an hour to save one file to a disc. 
     We had thousands of discs full of individual images. We needed voices, editing, and music; we needed to get them onto video to do that (digital to video, which is now super-easy!). But how?The technology was not yet there. Someone told me about a fledgling company named Pixar who was working on the same problem. I wrote to them, and they sent me a copy of a VHS with their first efforts at computer animating a lamp. Pixar suggested a few options, one of which I took, a company in Ohio with a machine called a Sony LVR ( I think I recall the name correctly) which would take each the disc images and drop them sequentially, one at a time, onto a file that could be transferred to Beta, which could be taken into a studio and finished. 
     It was an exciting adventure and a creative experience I’ll never forget. 
     I again paired up with JC Penney to write, animate and produce HONOLULU NIGHTS, a one-hour animated mystery set in Honolulu in 1931 for grown-ups - a kind of early anime. 


   It aired in prime time, and despite newspaper warnings that it was not for children, JC Penney’s switchboard lit up with complaints from parents that their children were upset when the bad guy bit off a gecko head.

    People still write to tell me they grew up with the Mango Hill stories and want to read and show them to their own children. Many of the books are out of print. The animated films, including HONOLULU NIGHTS, are unavailable. 
    Why FREE? Because every child deserves to read a book without having to pay.
 . At this time, there is no good program for converting children’s books with pictures into ebooks, so I jerry-rigged an e-duct-tape program until I could find better software. So bear with me: read by scrolling down, ( Mango HIll is a longer book: when the directions tell you, go to Part 2). 
    I plan to upload the rest of the Mango Hill books and videos over the next few weeks. After that, I’ll add the other original children’s stories that were read, and never published, including the Great Christmas Pageant Adventure, and the Lucky Bunnyfoot Adventure.
    This site is safe for your children to visit on their own. They remain anonymous. There are no ads, and no way for them to buy anything. 
    Some folks are sending photos of their kids, reading online; others are sending the colored pages from the free black-and-white downloads of the characters. One family in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, made up their own story to go with the drawings. When I get the rest of these books and videos uploaded, I’ll make a page so children in Hawaii can see children in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, reading the Mango Hill books.

    Remember, you may download and reproduce any of these books or images for your own non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license. That means you can give hard copies to your students to take home and share with their siblings, print them out for your class or your children. Make stickers and t-shirt transfers from the black-and-white images to keep or give as gifts.. You’re just on your honor not to sell them.
    Aloha, and enjoy.


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      I read new and unpublished stories at schools, Navy and other military exchanges, and stores. (I will upload those stories after I finish with the published books).

       In 1990, I teamed up with JC Penney to create three half-hour

animated children’s specials for local television: